Houghton Library: Who Cares?
A 75th Anniversary Symposium

October 5-6, 2017
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Free to register

This year Houghton Library, Harvard College’s primary rare books and manuscripts library, marks its 75th anniversary. We’ve acknowledged the occasion in many ways, but with this symposium we seek to resist the themes of comfortable reflection, appreciation, and celebration that attend anniversaries. Instead, we intend to examine our legacy, mission, and our path forward through the lens of the question: who cares?

More than a provocation, this question is an earnest interrogation of roles and responsibilities of special collections and archives in an ever-shifting landscape. Who cares for special collections? Why do we open our doors? How will we go forward? These questions have no fixed answers, consensus is unlikely; it’s this uncertainty we welcome as we engage in substantive, productive conversation. To that end, we’ve invited speakers and panelists who connect to our collections in a range of ways – as creators and collectors, readers and interpreters, colleagues in cultural heritage from around the world – and asked them to grapple with these questions.

Our hope is that you’ll join us as well.

care, n.1
Brit. /kɛː/ , U.S. /kɛ(ə)r/

Forms:  OE caru, cearu, ME kar(e, ME car, ME– care.
Frequency (in current use): frequency dots

Serious or grave mental attention; the charging of the mind with anything; concern; heed, heedfulness, attention, regard; caution, pains.